Longest treetop walkway opens


It was a real treat to join the Friends of Westonbirt Arboretum and the Forestry Commission for the opening of the much anticipated and brand new Tree Top Walkway this week at Westonbirt Arboretum.

There to cut the red ribbon was BBC Countryfile’s very own Ellie Harrison, who spoke passionately about the ‘wonder of trees’.

Walking across the 300m walkway you step into another world. 43 feet up high in the tree canopy you really get to see the true glory of so many different and varied species that make up Westonbirt’s collection of over 15,000 specimens.

Next time you fancy a woodland walk head for the heights of Westonbirt for a completely new experience.

Building Awards 2016


Are you ready for the new Building Awards?

Macbeth Lankester attended an industry event hosted by Building Magazine. The event which was on the top floor of their new offices (designed by Stirling prize winners AHMM) was put on to launch a collaboration between Building, Building Design and Ecobuild to review the impact of digital construction in the industry. You can take part in the survey here 

For those of you looking to enter the Building Awards…

Construction Leaders Event

Sarah Richardson, editor of Building Magazine announced that the Building awards would now be taking place in November 2016.

Reading between the lines we think this means that the awards will be launched in April with submissions in by June. For those used to putting award submissions together over Christmas this is a welcome change.

So what to do with the extra time?

Our advice would be to review your last submission, look at what you’ve done differently over the last year and start collating the evidence of this year’s activities.

If you’ve got events coming up – make sure you take some good photos – strong imagery and photographic evidence of what you are telling the judges can really help to make a strong submission.

Get everyone who will be involved in the submission prepared early and ready to start the submission when the awards are launched.

Remember to give yourself time to get the evidence you need to justify what you are saying.


Photo source Matt Leete Photography

Meet Britain’s Woodland Heroes

Woodland Hero campaign

We need more forward thinking retailers and furniture designers like Seb Cox and Heal’s ‘Tree to Table’ collaboration to bring even more British wood products to the UK high street.

In our eyes these individuals and organisations are real ‘Woodland Heroes’.  And during Grown in Britain Week it seemed only fitting to launch a campaign to showcase the passion, commitment and the extra special impact of the work of people who champion home-grown timber.

In 2016 we can all become ‘Woodland Heroes’ in our own way. We can start by choosing to buy products from retailers who make and sell products made from British wood and look for the Grown in Britain logo.