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Demolition in the news

We were very lucky to be supporting international energy company, Uniper, today and witness the safe demolition of the 200m-tall, Kingsnorth Power Station, chimney.

The event was attended by over 100 previous employees of the power station and local and national media.

It was interesting to see the various techniques of modern day journalism in action. With live streaming via twitter and Facebook being undertaken amidst live radio transmissions and broadcast presenters undertaking pieces to camera.




Video credit to BAM and Uniper energy


Double Award Success

Two of our clients have secured a place in the finals for the 2017 Gloucestershire Business Awards. Thanks to our support, TBS Engineering is a finalist in the Export category and Ferrositi has secured a place on the shortlist for Young Business of the Year award.

This year marks the 20th anniversary of the Gloucestershire Business Awards. We’re looking forward to a successful night at the awards and hope to see our clients take a trophy home.

New centre for innovation

We’ve been busy promoting our client, Intellectual Property attorneys Albright IP’s, new centre for innovation in Cheltenham.

As part of the company’s continuing growth the company has recently moved into their newly purchased head office, County House in Cheltenham. The new premises have allowed the company to co locate with its sister product design and production company, DUKU. This mix of patent and trade mark attorneys, designers and production expertise means that they are now uniquely placed to offer a holistic approach to innovation where companies and entrepreneurs can develop ideas into successful products.


Seen as a ‘centre for innovation’ Albright IP are the only UK IP attorneys who not only help to protect companies’ patents and trademarks, but also have the expertise and facilities to turn your light bulb moment into a commercially marketed product.

A growing business

The company, which will celebrate its tenth year in 2017, has seen rapid growth in the past few years and has recently taken on three new graduates. Joining the Albright IP team are Rupert Belsham, Mathew Cyrson and Jerome Luchesa Smith. Mathew and Jerome have just graduated from Oxford with Rupert graduating from Imperial College London. The high number of new appointments is in recognition of the growing demand for its expertise in Trademark and Patent services.

Robert Games, MD of Albright IP talks about the newest members of the team.

“We have a long history in Cheltenham, starting out with just two people, in under ten years we have grown to 20 staff at Albright IP and a further four in DUKU, we have also filed over 2000 patents and 3500 trademarks. This is an impressive number for a relatively small firm and testament to the great team behind it. Our three new starters will help us to further expand our services. From a local perspective it’s great to see such talent being drawn into the area. We look forward to supporting them fully as they seek to achieve their British and European patent qualification over the next five years.”

Robert added “We’re incredibly pleased with our new headquarters in Cheltenham, we work with companies from across the globe but we are always amazed at the businesses that we have in this area and the innovations that local companies bring to our door.”

Albright IP currently help protect the intellectual property rights of over 1,300 companies and clients.





Congratulations to Grangewood

We’re helping our client, Grangewood, to celebrate the successful completion of the UK’s first BREEAM ‘Outstanding’ transformation of a fine Grade II residential property in Belgravia, on Grosvenor’s London estate.

The period property in Ebury street SW1, which was formerly a run-down hotel spanning 4,200 sq ft over five floors (now six), has been transformed into three market leading sustainable rental apartments, setting a new environmental standard.  Designed to reduce carbon emissions by over 75% (from the property pre-development), the dynamic refurbishment is almost 30 years ahead of the national carbon reduction target of 80% by 2050.

Mike Stevens, Grangewood’s Managing Director comments: “119 is the eco-friendliest grade II listed home in the UK. It sets a new benchmark for everyone to follow in the sustainable retrofit of listed buildings in the UK.

Grangewood used cutting edge retrofit methodology, weaving sustainable, ultra-low carbon impact technology throughout the listed building.

Mike explains: “At least 50% of what we have learnt and achieved on this project could be readily adopted and applied to other listed properties. It really demonstrates that a low carbon solution can be cost effectively achieved. It’s a big step forward for the industry.”

As part of the never ending battle to ensure heritage London buildings are preserved, Grangewood hopes the project will set a precedent for listed properties so that they fit for purpose for future generations to come.


Happy Birthday Quantem


Quantem_01 (003)

2016 is a very special year for construction consultant Quantem as it celebrates its 10th anniversary.

Since it started the breakaway trend in quantity surveying back in 2006 it’s gone from strength to strength, active on some of the UK’s most iconic projects and boasting record levels of growth.  This summer we’ve been busy helping Quantem share its story.

Capturing its key achievements we developed a timeline for the consultant for its Chancery Lane head office. The 3 metre installation takes pride of place in its reception and is a visual marker of its outstanding operational performance and proud journey during which many social, sporting and charitable moments have been shared.


On its birthday employees and clients were presented with a 10 year celebration book, which we carefully researched and curated. The keepsake is a record of the shared highlights and memories of the last ten years.


There was no better place to publically tell its story than by entering the Building awards. With stiff competition and only 1000 words and a 250 summary statement in which to impress the judges the entry had to be hard hitting, clear and concise. Having helped many clients claim the prestigious Building awards winning title we were able to advise Quantem on the best approach and create a strong, evidence based entry.

Quantem_10 (003)

Westminster peoples favourite

London - Big ben and houses of parliament, UK

The Houses of Parliament has been crowned London’s favourite heritage building, in a poll to identify the capitals best loved heritage buildings.

The Natural History Museum came a close second with St Pancras Station and St Pauls Cathedral in joint third place. Also featuring in the top ten were Buckingham Palace, Tower Bridge, the V&A and the breath-taking Greenwich Painted Hall, described as the ‘finest dining hall in Europe’.

37 different buildings were nominated, from the symbolic to iconic architectural masterpieces as well as hidden gems, reflecting the breadth of heritage buildings we’re so lucky to have right here on our doorstep in London.

Working with the Heritage of London Trust, Grangewood canvassed the views of the Trusts members and professionals from across the built environment, responsible for the design and construction of London’s skyline today. The research was conducted by Macbeth Lankester as part of a wider ‘Celebrate Heritage’ campaign we have rolled out for Grangewood to shine a spotlight on heritage buildings, to celebrate everything that makes them special, and tell its brand story.

“When I see it I feel proud to be British. It brings back so many memories of my life – running the marathon, going home from great nights out with friends seeing it out of the taxi window”, comments one respondent as he shared his views on what makes the Houses of Parliament special to him

People value and connect with heritage buildings for a mix of reasons but mainly because they tell a story of our past, provide a legacy for future generations, and preserve traditional building techniques. At a personal level they evoke fond memories of happy times spent with family and friends.

‘The survey shows that people are deeply attached to London’s heritage buildings.  Over 85% of people we spoke to said their hearts sit with traditional heritage buildings, as opposed to modern ones” comments Richard Stevens, CEO, Grangewood.

For everyone who took part in the survey Grangewood has made a donation to the Heritage of London Trust, raising over £3,000 to support its projects and save buildings ‘at risk’.  The charity helps preserve the buildings and monuments that tell the story of the city and its people.

The top ten favourite heritage buildings in London

  1. Houses of Parliament
  2. The Natural History Museum
  3. St Pauls Cathedral
  4. St Pancras Station
  5. Buckingham Palace
  6. Tower Bridge
  7. Tower of London
  8. 8.V&A Museum
  9. Greenwich painted Hall
  10. Sir John Soane’s Museum

Summer drinks with Grangewood

We were joined by property professionals from across the industry as we launched Grangewood’s Celebrate Heritage campaign at its annual summer drinks reception at the awe inspiring V&A.

Over 200 professionals from across the property sector gathered for the specialist contractor’s summer drinks reception. Held at the spectacular V&A Museum in Knightsbridge the venue was the perfect setting to enjoy a drink, and take in the grandeur of the iconic Victorian building from its centre point in the John Madejski Garden.

On display in the garden was Stuttgart based architect, Achim Menges, fabricated pavilion. Built entirely from robotically produced fibrous systems based on the wings of flying beetles it provided a great backdrop as the sun set, and its illuminated canopy came to life.

Speaking at the event Richard Stevens, Grangewoods CEO took the opportunity to thank clients for their long-term partnerships. Commenting on the results from our recent customer insight survey for Grangewood, Richard said: “I’d like to thank you all for your continued support. While the research isn’t yet fully complete figures already show that you associate Grangewood with quality. You see us as a trusted family business that provides value for money and delivers on its promises. We’ve very proud of this.”


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Longest treetop walkway opens


It was a real treat to join the Friends of Westonbirt Arboretum and the Forestry Commission for the opening of the much anticipated and brand new Tree Top Walkway this week at Westonbirt Arboretum.

There to cut the red ribbon was BBC Countryfile’s very own Ellie Harrison, who spoke passionately about the ‘wonder of trees’.

Walking across the 300m walkway you step into another world. 43 feet up high in the tree canopy you really get to see the true glory of so many different and varied species that make up Westonbirt’s collection of over 15,000 specimens.

Next time you fancy a woodland walk head for the heights of Westonbirt for a completely new experience.

TBS goes live


We recently had the pleasure of working with TBS engineering (part of Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway, multinational conglomerate). Founded in 1967 TBS is the world leader in producing automatic machinery for the lead acid battery industry.

It develops and supplies machines to OEM and replacement battery manufacturers that go on to produce millions of batteries that power the world’s biggest names in automotive engineering.


We worked closely with the team to evolve its well respected brand identity and to redevelop its website.  It’s new web presence reflects its heritage and the global nature of it business.  It’s playing a key role in attracting and supporting the recruitment of its growing talent pool.


Building Awards 2016


Are you ready for the new Building Awards?

Macbeth Lankester attended an industry event hosted by Building Magazine. The event which was on the top floor of their new offices (designed by Stirling prize winners AHMM) was put on to launch a collaboration between Building, Building Design and Ecobuild to review the impact of digital construction in the industry. You can take part in the survey here 

For those of you looking to enter the Building Awards…

Construction Leaders Event

Sarah Richardson, editor of Building Magazine announced that the Building awards would now be taking place in November 2016.

Reading between the lines we think this means that the awards will be launched in April with submissions in by June. For those used to putting award submissions together over Christmas this is a welcome change.

So what to do with the extra time?

Our advice would be to review your last submission, look at what you’ve done differently over the last year and start collating the evidence of this year’s activities.

If you’ve got events coming up – make sure you take some good photos – strong imagery and photographic evidence of what you are telling the judges can really help to make a strong submission.

Get everyone who will be involved in the submission prepared early and ready to start the submission when the awards are launched.

Remember to give yourself time to get the evidence you need to justify what you are saying.


Photo source Matt Leete Photography

Meet Britain’s Woodland Heroes

Woodland Hero campaign

We need more forward thinking retailers and furniture designers like Seb Cox and Heal’s ‘Tree to Table’ collaboration to bring even more British wood products to the UK high street.

In our eyes these individuals and organisations are real ‘Woodland Heroes’.  And during Grown in Britain Week it seemed only fitting to launch a campaign to showcase the passion, commitment and the extra special impact of the work of people who champion home-grown timber.

In 2016 we can all become ‘Woodland Heroes’ in our own way. We can start by choosing to buy products from retailers who make and sell products made from British wood and look for the Grown in Britain logo.

Grown in Britain Week

GiB Week

Grown in Britain week was a major success this year and we were proud to be part of the team delivering a powerful ‘buy British’ message to the public.

In a week where our woodlands and forests dominated UK headlines, Dougal Driver, Grown in Britain CEO spoke to BBC Breakfast about why we should ‘buy British’ wood products.

Dougal on BBC

As the camera started rolling we had a record number of hits to the Grown in Britain website, evidence that just as people are becoming more connected with where their food comes from, they also want to know the provenance of the wood products they buy.


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Secretary of State pays us a visit

Liz and Seb

We were joined by some very special guests at the flagship store of designer furniture retailer Heal’s, who hosted this year’s Grown in Britain Week launch event as part of its own Celebration of Wood season.

Liz Truss, the Secretary of State for the environment officially launched the Week to a packed room full of leading industry figures. She not only praised the work of Grown in Britain but also Heal’s commitment to championing furniture produced using wood from these shores.

Liz speaking

During the event we captured some great vox-pops from guests, who talked to us about the importance of Grown in Britain, and as part of a poll they told us their favourite tree type. The mighty Oak came top of the charts.  We look forward to sharing the footage soon.

Dougal speaking

Launching Woodsure


Sat in front of my woodstove this Christmas, warm and cosy, it got me thinking about where the woodfuel I was burning had come from.

It’s a good question and one that wouldn’t have really crossed my mind until I started working with Woodsure – a certification scheme which assures the quality and sustainability of woodfuel for UK homeowners and industry.

Like me you might be surprised to know that a quarter of the hundreds of thousands of tonnes of woodfuel we use in the UK every year to heat our homes, is estimated to be poor quality.

So what does this mean for the homeowner?  Put simply every time we burn poor quality woodfuel we’re effectively burning our hard earned cash, and in some cases damaging UK air quality. So for us homeowners who fitted a stove to reduce our carbon footprint, we could actually be doing the opposite.

With over 1 million homes in the UK having a woodstove it’s an important message that we’ve been helping Woodsure communicate to the public and trade industry.

In most cases it’s pretty much impossible to identify poor quality woodfuel just by looking at it.  This is why Woodsure is such an important scheme. For the first time it enables consumers, like you and I, to make informed choices.

I’d always assumed that the woodfuel I sourced from my local supplier was from British woodland on the edge of town, where the trees cut down are replaced.  And the issue of quality had never entered my mind.  But now I can see the wood for the trees.

So next time you buy your woodfuel choose a Woodsure certified supplier to guarantee you’re getting quality woodfuel from well managed woodland.  And if you want the added comfort of knowing it was sourced locally from British woodland, just look for the Grown in Britain logo too. While you’re toasting your toes next to the fire you can be proud that you’re supporting your local economy and the growth of our much loved woodlands.

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