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Meet Britain’s Woodland Heroes

Woodland Hero campaign

We need more forward thinking retailers and furniture designers like Seb Cox and Heal’s ‘Tree to Table’ collaboration to bring even more British wood products to the UK high street.

In our eyes these individuals and organisations are real ‘Woodland Heroes’.  And during Grown in Britain Week it seemed only fitting to launch a campaign to showcase the passion, commitment and the extra special impact of the work of people who champion home-grown timber.

In 2016 we can all become ‘Woodland Heroes’ in our own way. We can start by choosing to buy products from retailers who make and sell products made from British wood and look for the Grown in Britain logo.

Grown in Britain Week

GiB Week

Grown in Britain week was a major success this year and we were proud to be part of the team delivering a powerful ‘buy British’ message to the public.

In a week where our woodlands and forests dominated UK headlines, Dougal Driver, Grown in Britain CEO spoke to BBC Breakfast about why we should ‘buy British’ wood products.

Dougal on BBC

As the camera started rolling we had a record number of hits to the Grown in Britain website, evidence that just as people are becoming more connected with where their food comes from, they also want to know the provenance of the wood products they buy.


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Secretary of State pays us a visit

Liz and Seb

We were joined by some very special guests at the flagship store of designer furniture retailer Heal’s, who hosted this year’s Grown in Britain Week launch event as part of its own Celebration of Wood season.

Liz Truss, the Secretary of State for the environment officially launched the Week to a packed room full of leading industry figures. She not only praised the work of Grown in Britain but also Heal’s commitment to championing furniture produced using wood from these shores.

Liz speaking

During the event we captured some great vox-pops from guests, who talked to us about the importance of Grown in Britain, and as part of a poll they told us their favourite tree type. The mighty Oak came top of the charts.  We look forward to sharing the footage soon.

Dougal speaking

Launching Woodsure


Sat in front of my woodstove this Christmas, warm and cosy, it got me thinking about where the woodfuel I was burning had come from.

It’s a good question and one that wouldn’t have really crossed my mind until I started working with Woodsure – a certification scheme which assures the quality and sustainability of woodfuel for UK homeowners and industry.

Like me you might be surprised to know that a quarter of the hundreds of thousands of tonnes of woodfuel we use in the UK every year to heat our homes, is estimated to be poor quality.

So what does this mean for the homeowner?  Put simply every time we burn poor quality woodfuel we’re effectively burning our hard earned cash, and in some cases damaging UK air quality. So for us homeowners who fitted a stove to reduce our carbon footprint, we could actually be doing the opposite.

With over 1 million homes in the UK having a woodstove it’s an important message that we’ve been helping Woodsure communicate to the public and trade industry.

In most cases it’s pretty much impossible to identify poor quality woodfuel just by looking at it.  This is why Woodsure is such an important scheme. For the first time it enables consumers, like you and I, to make informed choices.

I’d always assumed that the woodfuel I sourced from my local supplier was from British woodland on the edge of town, where the trees cut down are replaced.  And the issue of quality had never entered my mind.  But now I can see the wood for the trees.

So next time you buy your woodfuel choose a Woodsure certified supplier to guarantee you’re getting quality woodfuel from well managed woodland.  And if you want the added comfort of knowing it was sourced locally from British woodland, just look for the Grown in Britain logo too. While you’re toasting your toes next to the fire you can be proud that you’re supporting your local economy and the growth of our much loved woodlands.

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