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July 4, 2019
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July 4, 2019 Alex

Customer insight research and brand perception audits can improve business performance and increase sales. For architects Coombes Everitt we armed it with the right stakeholder and market intelligence, to drive its business forward.

The research told them everything from why clients choose them, to how their brand is perceived, the major opportunities and threats facing the business, and everything in between.

It enabled the architects to prioritise key market sectors, proactively capitalise on opportunities for new business, while addressing any issues that could have been restricting its full potential.

We conducted face to face interviews with its key clients, analysed the results, interpreted the findings and turned it into an action plan.

Coombes Everitt has emerged as a stronger business. It has more enquiries and commissions and has improved its operational efficiency. The research findings have enabled them to broaden awareness of the brand and make them the go-to architects.


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