November 26, 2019 Suzanne Bennett

What’s in a name?

We often get asked where the Macbeth Lankester name comes from so as we approach our 5-year anniversary we thought it was time we shared the back story.

Here you have it.

Four years ago, in the depths of winter we sat pondering our new agency name. Having worked in the industry for over 20 years we’ve encountered all sorts of names, from the quirky ‘pink rhubarb’ types to the more formal and traditional.

But where did our agency sit among these?

Plenty of ideas came to the fore, but nothing really resonated. So, we approached the job like we would any client brief.

Thinking about our vision, mission and values steered us in the right direction. Values of trust, respect, professionalism, expertise and a passion for what we do, led us to ‘family’.

Our surnames, Bennett and Ellis were put on the table. Most people remarked that we sounded more like an estate agency…and we had to agree.  Weeks later we had the light bulb moment. We were in the Cotswolds with Alex’s mom having a cup of tea, when she finished the final piece of the puzzle for us.

“It’s a shame I don’t have my mother’s maiden name. ‘Macbeth’ could work really well” I said. This got us talking. It wasn’t long before I asked Alex’s mom her maiden name. ‘Lankester’ she replied.  And there it was. We had our name.

It represents everything about us. The importance of family as well as what we stand for and believe in as an agency.  A dedication to getting results, and a genuine care for our clients and the success of their organisations.  This was the driving force then and still is today.

Our work is led and delivered by us – the directors and owners of Macbeth Lankester. Unlike the traditional agency model where directors bed-in a client relationship before handing over to a more junior exec team to deliver the campaign, our involvement is constant.

We respond to the brief, develop the strategy or plan, we devise the creative concepts and then we deliver it with a commitment you’ll struggle to find elsewhere.

But why this approach? For us success isn’t defined by being big, or purely about profit. We have no shareholders to report to. Of course, every successful commercial business has to make a profit, that’s life.

At Macbeth Lankester its about being as passionate about our clients’ business as they are. If you have this then success will follow.


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